Continuity is important in the retail trade. That is why our support consultants are ready to help and assist you. The support consultants work not only with response times, but with genuine resolution times. Critical breakdowns are resolved within 4 hours.

Valk Solutions employs the principle of one call does it all. We will not send you from pillar to post, but we will take your question on board and give you an answer. This also applies to services from third parties, such as pin, gift vouchers, coupons tickets and lottery tickets. We work with professionals on the telephone who can, in most cases, help you straightaway.

The Valk Solutions Customer Service department is the only one in the sector that is ITO certified. ITO is an independent quality hallmark for customer-friendly telephonic service provision. It involves accessibility, first time right, a solution-oriented approach and repeat traffic. The ITO certificate is periodically audited.

The Breakdown Service is available for critical breakdowns outside office hours. You may, of course, send us an email with non-critical user questions. The support consultants will also advise and support you when you start using new functionality. For example, if you change to in-stock or introduce a bookkeeping link. This way the support consultants contribute to an increasingly greater yield from your automation.

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