Valk Solutions develops their own products in house, with their own programmers. Our development team knows all about retail processes. Therefore the lines are short at Valk Software.

Of course, we also maintain the software. And we continually translate the latest technology into benefits for the shop floor. This way you will always be up-to-date, we will carry you with us to new versions and new technology over the years.

New versions of our software come out every year. We also take account of feedback from users. There are various user associations active in which we gather user tips and wishes and prioritise them. This way, we can work together with our customers on even more benefits from the automation. The new versions are installed at head offices and in the shops without additional cost.

All our customers work with the same new version, so we can continue to provide good support.

Valk Solutions is a good place to be for the long-term.

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