Q?: I have changed the price of an item but the till continues to scan the old price?
A: The price of the item has been modified in the “General” tab but the item probably features a price next to the barcode.

Q?: I have removed special offers, because I am not participating, but they keep appearing.
A: Because communication with the head office takes place every evening, these special offers are always re-entered.

Q?: I receive price changes for items I don’t even sell.
A: The supplier’s settings in ProPOSS, under the tab “Extra 2”, are incorrect.

Q?: Can I block price changes because I do not want to implement them?
A: Your can go to the “General” tab and select “Fixed” for the Price type. The item will then be marked in red in the price changes (menu point 2.A.3). Price changes for this item can then no longer be implemented.

Q?: I have an item, and it scans a lower price in the desktop than mentioned for the item under the ‘general’ tab or barcodes.
A: This could be a rogue special offer; find it and delete it.

Q?: Can I apply special offers and price agreements to a select group of customers?
A: Yes, but these customers must be placed in a separate group (3.2) with its own price list. Price agreements must be created separately for each price list code (customer group).

Q?: I cannot process my price agreement.
A: Amount or percentage cannot be changed or added at a later time. The Price agreement must be created again, but this time correctly. Min. and max. choice for quantity not entered.

Q?: Can I give several items a fixed price at the same time?
A: Yes, by searching via the key word or by searching various; make a selection; change field price type = 3 (1=standard, 2=variable, 3=fixed).

Q?: How can I create new users for tills?
A: 4.1 till settings, select the till > change > users tab >

Q?: How can I change the text on till receipts?
A: 4.A.3 Select till > Receipt text