“Valk Solutions makes us feel like a valued customer.”

Primera combines the power of independent entrepreneurship with the advantages of a joint approach. Primera is the market leader in their sector with more than 420 Primera shops. About 1 million customer transactions are handled every week. The Primera assortment includes books, magazines, greeting cards, office supplies, tickets and Lottery tickets. The shop also offers a large number of (electronic) services.

Why did you choose Valk Solutions five years ago?

“It clicked straightaway. It was important to me that Primera and Valk Solutions matched in respect to format and type of company. Primera and Valk Solutions are both no nonsense companies where ‘a deal is a deal’ applies. The first meeting was at a trade fair. In fact it was Joop Schilperoord who was able to arouse our interest to such a degree that we wanted to find out more about Valk Solutions and ProPOSS. After an RfP procedure and pilot phase, we chose Valk Solutions.”

What was the click exactly?

“Valk Solutions understands what we need. Our branch has some specific points. We are also rather demanding. Valk Solutions proved to be a good sparring partner. It was standard software, but there were also adjustments necessary. More and more requests for all sorts of connections are being made by commerce. We also discuss entrepreneurs’ requirements in our user association. They are included in new versions.”

What do you use most in ProPOSS?

“Scanning and payment are the most obvious. They have to be super user friendly. So simple that it becomes impossible to make mistakes, with explicit announcements and clear buttons. Stock management is also very important to Primera. Thanks to ProPOSS the stocks have been reduced and there are even fewer no-sells. Entrepreneurs don’t believe this at first. They think that they will be left with empty shelves if the stocks are reduced. But that couldn’t be less true. Meanwhile 65% of our entrepreneurs use stock management and order electronically.”

What advantages does Primera gain from our shop automation?

“Entrepreneurs have more insight into their shop. They can anticipate the local demands better. There are top and flop lists, so entrepreneurs know exactly which products sell well or not. The lists can increase the return per shelf metre considerably! We at the head office can guide the new formula better thanks to a quantified overview. We have good feedback for suppliers. We derive shelf plans from the figures. Automation benefits the tie between entrepreneurs and the organisation. Electronic services such as gift cards, e-vouchers, ticket sales and lotteries are possible thanks to automation. We have pulled in new services exclusively for Primera this way. Additionally, we can precisely follow what is sold in the shop per till receipt. This gives us a better insight into consumer behaviour and combination sales.”

Do you have a tip for other chain shops?

“Come and see us and be convinced. Why do you think all the Primera shops are automated in the same way? We really don’t do it because it costs money. I think there is still too much ignorance about what automation can signify. Don’t just look at how much it costs, look at what it can deliver instead.”

What have I forgotten to ask you?

“We treat each other openly and directly. Valk Solutions is accessible to us. We know the people. It is good to have a regular contact person. Our approach is nicely pragmatic due to the short lines. Valk Solutions makes us feel like a valued customer.”

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