Competition is very noticeable in your sector. You therefore consider your strategy very carefully. What is the right assortment? What trend items can you use to attract customers? How can you add value for online viewers and buyers? And how can you realise all that while still retaining efficiency? You think critically about your income model, and the way you can serve the market. Whichever channels you use or are going to use, you are ready with our software.

The solution from Valk Solutions is a tried and tested solution for toy shops. A solution that helps you save on costs. Thanks to real time information, you can purchase the right stock and put the right items on the shelves. Do you want to attract customers with folders and campaigns? You can adapt prices everywhere with one push of a button. That speed and ease of use make you a flexible retailer. You can capitalise on the topicality and very easily add a new assortment or phase another out. Our software can strategically strengthen your formula in that respect.