Specific wishes and requirements anticipated by our products also play a part in the tobacco and convenience sector. Various entrepreneurs in this sector use products from Valk Solutions. The ability to enter several barcodes and prices for one article is particularly important for tobacco. After all, you want to be able to work with two prices for one batch in the case of a price rise. You can also work with stock management for tobacco thanks to this function in our products.

Furthermore, several suppliers and barcodes per item are supported, as well as the compulsory purchasing unit. Purchase orders can be passed on electronically straight to wholesalers such as Lekkerland and Foox.

The sector is characterised by innumerable article mutations and price changes. A link to our JDS databank is necessary for profitable automation. The item mutations are impossible to keep up with by hand, or they take too much time and money. We supply all the assortment groups, such as tobacco, magazines, books, office supplies and greeting cards, 100% automatically. Handling the lotteries, sales and payments, requires special functionality that is standardly available in our products.

It is no coincidence that successful formulas such as Primera, Cigo, Tabaktief, Tabac & Gifts, Compaenen, Smaakgilde and Mado have chosen Valk Solutions!

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