In your industry, products are important to a process. This could be a renovation or a small job by somebody in this free time. The process for which you supply the products could also be a business customer’s project. That gives the availability of the products extra meaning. The customers in your shop want to ‘carry on’. That is why they often look online and visit your shop purposefully.

It is important to maximise the conversion at that moment, the shop moment. You will disappoint the customer if you have to sell ‘no’. That is the reason omnichannel automation can add a lot of value. You can give everyone insight into the stock from now on. With the reassuring knowledge that it is always kept up to date in real time. The stock is readjusted as soon as a customer has paid for his purchase. Immediately.

If your shop is automated this way, do-it-yourselfers will soon see how easy and reliable the system is. Checking the stock online and returning to the job with a full shopping trolley. That is retailing… However you adapt your business model to the current market, our software will support you.