Valk Solutions has been active in chemist, perfumery and health and natural food shops for 10 years. Several entrepreneurs in the chemist sector make daily use of ProPOSS or ASPOS and the services of Valk Solutions. They are members of various purchasing franchise organisations, including Dio and Gezond & Wel.

All the important wholesalers have a direct electronic link to us, they include DU, DA, Faco, Natudis, Unipharma, Holland Pharma and Vriesia. For other wholesalers, you can join our JDS databank, the most complete databank in the sector which includes all the information and prices of chemist, perfumery, natural food and health products.

Thanks to this sector solution, automation with Valk Solutions is particularly profitable for entrepreneurs.

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“We are seldom faced with no-sells. The system helps us buy exactly enough.”

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