Our products are by far the most profitable solution for book shops and office suppliers. Various entrepreneurs in the sector use our products. Boekenvoordeel and RDC have chosen to work exclusively with Valk Solutions. Entrepreneurs from The Readshop, Plantage, Intres, and Blz preceded you. You will realise enormous savings on personnel costs and (uncommon) stocks.

We introduced scanning units in the book sector in 1998. Entrepreneurs save money with the scanning units because the books no longer need price stickers. Price labels are no longer necessary, the consumer can find out the price himself at a scanning unit. So no labels to stick upon arrival, no more peeling them off a gift, no more repricing when there are price changes and much less damage to return shipments. Various book shops are already using scanning units.

Our products have been selected by Quantore as preferred supplier. You can input packing slips from Centraal Boekhuis and Scholtens quickly and efficiently only with Valk Solutions. You no longer have to scan incoming books manually. The electronic packing slip from the supplier is already in the system for you. One push of the button and your stock is updated. The Centraal Boekhuis and Scholtens’ ordering sites are integrated in our products. You will see the current stock as you order. You may choose the option of having customer orders come in under a separate flow number. Consumers automatically receive an email or text message when an order comes in. The so-called CIS, the Customer Information System, with which consumers can find and order items themselves in the shop also comes from Valk Solutions. In short, our products provide unique opportunities in bookshops and office suppliers. Secondary packaging, several barcodes per item, several suppliers per item, order units, price lists for companies, loyalty cards, invoicing and packing slip sales are also supported.


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